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Online Word Processor

Hi …

Have you heard about Online Word Processor? Am sure that some of you have not only heard about it but have also used it.

Some Online Office Suites

Some Online Office Suites

For those of you who don’t have a clue about it, am going to give you an overview about it ^_^ …

It’s ok if you didn’t know about it, i didn’t either and might not have learned about it for some few years if it had not been for my lecturer Mr. Anwar Chutoo.

It was introduced to us (my calssmates and me) in our communication skills class. The topics that we got for our report were very enriching…but we were all very reluctant about it coz we hadn’t heard about most of the topics e.g LaTex, CVS,..n being students we just wanted a topic zat we already knew (there was another group who had the liberty to choose their own topic).

But anyways we had to do it…At fist we just copy paste most of the stuff we found on the net n presented our report. But meticulous as our lecturer is (in a nice kind of way, of course :P) he made us do another report.

Now it was serious work. I can proudly say that both my friend and me  (we worked in groups of 2), we enjoyed what we did and naturally our presentation turned out to be good.

Below is my comms skill report on online word processor…Am sure that it will be as enriching to you as it was to us.

My Comms Skills report on Online Word Processor

Do let me know how you find the report…

That’s all for today see you later at the same url ..


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