My WWE Universe

 Hello everyone,

I know that it’s been a while but I’d been really busy with my assignments…actually I still have to submit some assignments and tests are starting in one or two weeks time but here I am, wasting my precious time blogging!!!

Well today I’ll tell you guys about my passion for the WWE…Yes, am a die hard fan of WWE. I guess most of you might find it weird for a girl to have a soft corner for such things but then am simply me 😛 .Moreover, I am not the only single female fan of WWE!!

I never miss any special event…I may miss the Friday night show SmackDown but I try not to miss any Raw episodes. Even if I do, I can still check the match results on their official website. For those of you who think that am talking Greek here, SmackDown and Raw are the two WWE programs that are available in Mauritius.

Being an avid fan of WWE, I have some favorite superstars. I don’t only like them because of their achievements in WWE and their fighting abilities but also because….Continue reading to finds out why I like/love these superstars.

The Animal, Batista.

I simply luuuuuv Batista. This superstar is not only very much talented but also has a superb dressing style. I adore his style…

In fact, I know someone who resembles him, some of you might know who I am referring to…but unfortunately, he’s already married… looll

His entrance song or rather music is also quite cool…

John Cena

This one’s a multi-talent superstar. Apart from being a wrestler, he’s also a hip hop musician and an actor.

Outside of wrestling, Cena has released the rap album You Can’t See Me and starred in the movie The Marine and some television shows .

This charismatic superstar was also nominated for the Favorite Sportsperson Award at the U.K. event which was possible due to kids’ votes. This sweet smiling superstar is the favorite of most WWE fans.          

 Cena doing a “U cant c me”, his signature gimmick


Jeff Hardy

Apart from being a professional wrestler, Jeff is also known for his interest in motocross, music, painting, and other artistic endeavors.

This superstar has his own unique style which distinguishes him from the others. His sense of style borders more towards kinky or gothic. He wears bright colored clothes to wrestle usually of purple, orange, green and black. He has piercings and tattoos and dyes his hair purple, orange or red or sometimes all these colors combined.

But I still like him because he’s such a dare devil, always willing to take high risk. He’s in-ring tactics are also mind-blowing. His attitude towards his fans is also praise worthy.


Triple H

Triple H, The Game or simply The King of Kings is a twelve-time world champion (WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion). In addition, he won the 1997 King of the Ring, the 2002 Royal Rumble, and was the second Grand Slam Champion.

Outside wrestling, Triple H has made numerous guest appearances in film and on television. He is starring in the WWE Film, Journey of Death, which is due to release in 2009.


Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels, or The Heartbreak Kid or simply HBK has been involved in some legendary matches. His entrance theme song “Sexy Boy” is awesome. I also like the Sweet Chin Music of The Showstopper or Mr. WrestleMania, very few superstars if none have been immune to his Sweet Chin Music!!

Shawn Michaels giving a Sweet Chin Music


Chris Jericho

About this superstar…well my feelings towards him has changed since he brutalized Shawn Michael. I thought him to be a good human being but he shattered my illusion. Nowadays he keeps on criticizing his fans.

I really liked him, he was a nice and hard-working wrestler… hope he comes to his senses before all his fans start hating him.


CM Punk

This superstar does not have a big body (compared to others like Triple H, John Cena and Batista) but still manage to dominate his matches by his tactics and especially constant use of his knees…

Just like Jeff Hardy, he’s got tattoos and piercing. What’s more ironic is that he does not believe in luck but most of his tattoos are lucky charms!!!

He’s a tip to other wrestlers: If you wanna defeat CM Punk, attack his knees… lolll.


Kofi Kingston 

I like this Jamaican Superstar, you can even say that am partial to him because of his nationality !!!(Being a Mauritian, I form part of the African nation just like him). The other reason is that Kofi’s leaping abilities is just great. His entrance theme has an African touch to it as well as being pleasant to hear.


Randy Orton

Most of you will agree with me that he’s verrry arrogant. But still except for his not so pleasant personality, he’s a gifted superstar. He has to, his father, uncle, grand-father and don’t know who else has been in this business!!!

But I’d seen him give a genuine since once, at a charity for kids and I thought “OMG but he’s a handsome guy!!!”


When we are taking about the WWE, how can we forget the Divassssssss. These women symbolize beauty and power…


The Glamazon

The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix might be very arrogant but she  is sooooooo powerful, maybe more than some of her male peers; certainly more than her “boyfriend”.



This Playboy cover girl is simply gorgeous. She’s very attached to her fans and always fights hard.


Michelle McCool

All-American Girl Michelle McCool was formerly a science teacher but she left all that to pursue her dream. What a brave women!!! And she has succeeded.


Mickie James

All I can say about her is that she’s smart and talented.


 Do share your views about these WWE superstars or others which are your favorite  with me…


Online Word Processor

Hi …

Have you heard about Online Word Processor? Am sure that some of you have not only heard about it but have also used it.

Some Online Office Suites

Some Online Office Suites

For those of you who don’t have a clue about it, am going to give you an overview about it ^_^ …

It’s ok if you didn’t know about it, i didn’t either and might not have learned about it for some few years if it had not been for my lecturer Mr. Anwar Chutoo.

It was introduced to us (my calssmates and me) in our communication skills class. The topics that we got for our report were very enriching…but we were all very reluctant about it coz we hadn’t heard about most of the topics e.g LaTex, CVS,..n being students we just wanted a topic zat we already knew (there was another group who had the liberty to choose their own topic).

But anyways we had to do it…At fist we just copy paste most of the stuff we found on the net n presented our report. But meticulous as our lecturer is (in a nice kind of way, of course :P) he made us do another report.

Now it was serious work. I can proudly say that both my friend and me  (we worked in groups of 2), we enjoyed what we did and naturally our presentation turned out to be good.

Below is my comms skill report on online word processor…Am sure that it will be as enriching to you as it was to us.

My Comms Skills report on Online Word Processor

Do let me know how you find the report…

That’s all for today see you later at the same url ..